Semester Reading List

I printed off probably 900 pages of reading to do this summer, comprising class notes, required readings, and suggested readings.  That number does not include any textbook readings, of which I am sure to have to do some eventually.

I read probably 300 pages of papers in August–mostly recent job-talk papers–though not all in depth.  I am very interested in the intersection between macroeconomics and finance, and I am taking two macro-oriented courses this semester–macroeconomics 1A and a numerical methods class.  Therefore, I hope to be able to read enough of the stuff I’ve printed to get a good feel for how these models begin to go together.

I spend about an hour with the family around breakfast, and another two hours around dinner.  I also never work on Sundays, so that means in order to keep up with my agenda the rest of the day has got to be packed.