Ph.D. Prep – Test Scores

One more quick aside before I continue with my Ph.D. preparation:  test scores.

I finished my undergrad in 2009, and I was still considering perhaps doing some kind of math or statistics Masters Degree en route to a Ph.D.  I took the GRE in January 2010 and then, because I was also considering an MBA, I took the GMAT two months later.  My GRE score was about the 95th percentile, and my GMAT was in the 99th.

I applied to 22 of the top 30 Ph.D. Finance programs, and all of them accepted either test.  I used the GMAT, since my score was relatively better.  I did not take the GRE-Math subject test, and none of the programs to which I applied specifically asked for it.  The subject test may be more useful for Economics Ph.D. programs.

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